The Kente Tee;s 

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Get your Tee for only £25 


WE Partner with Social Enterprise Kente Master

We partner with Kente Master a social enterprise that works with local Kente weavers and supports this historic industry in Ghana ensuring fair pay and links to markets outside Ghana. Kente Master also supply Graduation stalls to Yale and other prestigious universities in Ghana. It's founder? A 24 year-old Ghanaian Peter Paul Akanko (See video below) - it was meeting Peter Paul that inspired Jack to take TSM to the next level. 

Assembled in Ghana

The Tee's are assembled in Ghana by a local factory Cadling's that adheres to ethical guidelines and continual improvement strategy operated by Ethical Apparel Africa. The Tee's are sourced from the local market due to the high cost of importing Tee's and fabrics into Ghana.  The Tee's come in Black, White and Grey in a variety of sizes.

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Each Tee is Only £25