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Giving Ethical the Edge it Deserves


TSM epitomises “Believing In Better”. We believe in people, we believe in purpose and we believe in Ghana. It is our mission to bring Ghanaian fabrics to the forefront of modern fashion and to celebrate the people and the culture in the process.

TSM Essentials - "Sourced in Ghana, Made in Ghana"

We are taking ethical products and giving them an edge. Currently we are selling ethical backpacks, tee-shirts and caps from Ghana using local fabrics and supporting local communities to create an incredible set of unique on trend products.

Bags - £55

We partnered with Ethical Apparel Africa to bring you the ultimate backpack. These bags are made with local GTP fabric, are splash proof and have a 17L capacity.

caps - £20 

Handmade by Johnny these are a first of a kind, fusing both Ghanaian fabrics with an iconic trucker hat design special. 

T-Shirts - £25

We partnered with local Social Enterprise Kente Master to source handwoven Kente a royal Ghanaian fabric that just looks incredible on these Tee's! 


Shoes - £69.99

Custom made shoes with a range of fabrics and designs to choose from. The shoes are lined with pleather a leather substitute for water resistance. Perfect for parties, occasions such as weddings, overall a great statement piece.

SANDALS - £69.99

Bright and interesting Sandals, custom made  with a range of beautiful African print fabrics and designs to choose from. The Sandals are pleather (a leather substitute). A great and versatile sandal. 



"A Statement Piece - Great for Weddings"

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From Ghana to Asia we have taken African Fashion across the globe. It started with ethical bags and now we are creating Caps, T-Shirts and Backpacks!

Behind the Scenes Vlog

Vlog 14 - Seeing the ethical factory! -- This is a big day! Jack goes with Ethical Apparel Africa to see the prototypes of the new TSM backpacks being produced. The quality is outstanding.

Supporting Creatives

Check out our Generation One bags all the way in Singapore. If you're a creative and would like to represent TSM in your videos, picture or artwork - LET US KNOW <3 


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